Mechanisms of Panel Conditioning in Longitudinal Studies: Reflection, Satisficing, and Social Desirability (PaCo)

A Joint Research Project by GESIS, ZPID, and Utrecht University


Probability-based panel

PaCo data collected within the probability-based panel will be provided by the GESIS Panel (see waves he - id). We will announce the PaCo data release by the GESIS Panel in our newsbox. For more information on the GESIS Panel and how to get access to the data, see

Non-probability panel

The PaCo data collected within the non-probability panel will be accessible over PsychArchives [hyperlink to be announced]. The published data will comprise the cumulative dataset on all fielded panel waves of both panel intervals (1 month vs. 2-3 months). Release of the final dataset will be announced via our newsbox and information on data accessibility will be provided on this website shortly after.