Mechanisms of Panel Conditioning in Longitudinal Studies: Reflection, Satisficing, and Social Desirability (PaCo)

A Joint Research Project by GESIS, ZPID, and Utrecht University

Archived News

  • December, 2021: overall data collection completed
  • November, 2021:  field start of last wave in long interval
  • November, 2021: data collection of sensitivity degree study completed
  • November, 2021: presentation at ASI/DGS conference
  • October, 2021:  1st Wave (Prob Panel) published in GESIS Archive
  • September, 2021:  5th wave in long interval completed
  • September, 2021:  presentation at GOR conference
  • July, 2021:  presentations at ESRA conference
  • May/June, 2021:  collecting 4th wave in long interval, about 90% completion rate
  • April, 2021:  data collection in short interval completed
  • March, 2021:  presentation at CIPHER conference
  • September, 2020:  poster talk at GOR conference