• Open Science

    ZPID is the Public Open Science Institute for Psychology. All of its services are always accessible to various interest groups.

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  • Transparent research

    Our services provide open, transparent, and replicable psychological research. We support the idea of open science.

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  • Replicability

    We want to participate in the discussion on replicability, transparency, and integrity in research. Our services will contribute accordingly.

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  • Reproducibility

    We promote good scientific practice as well as openness and transparency in psychological research. Hence, we support the objective, reliable, and reproducible acquisition of knowledge.

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  • Collaboration

    Our Internet-based offers particularly support collaboration - with no constraints of location and time.

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  • Knowledge preservation

    Our archiving and publication services help to secure research data and publications in a sustainable manner and make them available free of charge.

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Research literacy

The aim of our research is to support research literacy and evidence-based thinking in both (future) scientists and laypeople. For this purpose, we explore the development of competencies and beliefs which are needed to adequately evaluate and use scientific information.

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Research synthesis methods in psychology

Research synthesis techniques are standard methods for aggregating the results from thematically related research in psychology. The overall aim of our research is to address topics relevant to the further development of research support services in psychology further, taking advantage of the best available evidence.

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Big Data

The availability of big data is more and more common in many fields including business, computer science, social and behavioral sciences, and psychology. The overall aim of this emerging research is to take advantage of big data to identify hotspot topics in psychology and to support theory-driven research.



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