PsychOpen services provided by the Leibniz Institute for Psychology (ZPID) comprise several different options for publishing scientific contributions in psychology.

Offered by ZPID, PsychOpen is an online platform for publishing scientific contributions in psychology. PsychOpen is guided by the following principles:

  • PsychOpen supports free access to scientific literature (Open Access). All publications in PsychOpen are accessible free of charge.
  • PsychOpen supports open research (Open Science). To promote the understanding and evaluation of psychological research results it is crucial to present the comprehensive and unbiased research process. Therefore, PsychOpen supports the preregistration of studies as well as the publication of research data, replications, and research syntheses.
  • PsychOpen supports the psychological research community in their specific communication needs (community-based publishing). Publication projects are developed within the community and are supported by the community. In this context, emphasis is placed on European psychology.

PsychOpen fulfills the highest professional publication standards in implementing these guidelines thus ensuring the international visibility of the publications.

Contact person

Dr. Katarina Blask
Head of Archiving and Publication Services

+49 (0)651 201-2872

PsychOpen GOLD

PsychOpen GOLD offers a high-quality publication platform for the primary publication of scientific literature. All journals must meet clearly defined quality standards such as peer review of the submitted articles, an international editorial board, and English-language metadata. PsychOpen journals are represented in international scientific databases including Scopus, PubMed Central, PsycINFO, PubPsych, and DOAJ.

Currently under development:


a preprint publication forum where scientists can upload their manuscripts which are scheduled for publication

PsychOpen GREEN

supports secondary publication of already published works after a statutory embargo period (Green Open Access)

PsychOpen CAMA

a community augmented meta-analysis platform


PsychOpen EXCHANGE is a preprint publication platform where researchers are able to upload the manuscripts they would like to have published. Publishers/editors of scientific journals (e.g., so-called overlay journals), after review and revision of the articles, offer the authors the opportunity to publish their manuscripts.

PsychOpen GREEN

PsychOpen GREEN is a platform for secondary publication of scientific literature. As is the case for all publications in PsychOpen, secondary publications are available free of charge (Open Access), even when the initial primary publication was published requiring a fee.

PsychOpen CAMA

In response to the increasing demands in psychology and its related disciplines, we are creating PsychOpen CAMA (Community Augmented Meta Analysis), an infrastructure to collaboratively compile the findings from primary studies to facilitate meta-analytical syntheses of the data.