The ZPID service PsychNotebook is a free platform for study planning and data analysis. It offers RStudio, RMarkdown and JupyterLab in a web-based environment, i.e. one can use the software via the browser, installation-free and device-independent, and create projects in one's own workspace. 

In PsychNotebook one can access a project with all available applications, so that one can put files of different kinds into a project and edit them there in a meaningful way. For example, one can write a pre-registration with RMarkdown, create a power analysis with RStudio, collect a survey with formR and analyze the data with RStudio, make a presentation of the data or a report with JupyterLab or RMarkdown - all in a single project.

One can conveniently share one's own projects with others via link or email invitation, or one can export them in a reproducible way. The advantage is that you share/export not only single scripts or files, but a folder structure and a description of the complete environment. Problems caused by working on different versions are thus excluded. This is helpful in teaching as well as in archiving a project. 

In this demo the possibilities of PsychNotebook are touched. Individual topics (pre-registration using RMarkdown, data analysis with RStudio, writing a report with RMarkdown) will be covered in more depth in later sessions. 


Speaker: Stefanie Müller has been working at ZPID since fall 2018, where she heads the infrastructure area of study planning, data collection and data analysis services. Prior to that, she completed her PhD in general psychology at Justus Liebig University Giessen and also worked as a PostDoc for some time.


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