Power Analysis


This workshop deals with the (well-known) topic of power analysis. Sample design is indispensable for empirical research - but how do I approach it correctly?

We will deal with the basic idea and different approaches to power analysis of statistical tests, how they can be conducted, and what all has to be considered. Specifically, we also deal with how we can analyze more complex statistical procedures via simulations. This gives us a toolbox with which we can evaluate our statistical power very flexibly for different contexts.

In addition to this applied focus, we will also discuss the different approaches to power analysis and how they can be applied and interpreted for different research designs, and what alternative approaches exist.


Speaker: Leonhard Volz studies psychology at the University of Amsterdam with a focus on statistics & computational methods. He does research on Bayesian network models, mathematical models of response inhibition, and formal theory development in psychology. Within the Open Science AG of PsyFaKo e.V. and other initiatives, he actively tries to advance the discourse around good and transparent scientific practice - mostly with a focus on students and scientific education.