ZPID Single Sign-on with ORCID Starts

ZPID launches an ORCID-based single sign-on service for its users, which allows them to sign in to all ZPID services. A separate account is not required.

Many of ZPID's services will offer users individualization options in the medium term. For this to succeed technically, identification is required.

"Normally, you must register with a provider for such functions. However, we do not want our users to have to create another account. Therefore, we do not rely on our own solution, but fully on ORCID", says Roland Ramthun, Head of IT at ZPID. "ORCID iD offers a permanent "digital identifier" for researchers, which they can control themselves and link to affiliation, publications and peer reviews, for example. Completely independent of ZPID, because as a public open science institute we intend to build an open IT infrastructure for psychology." 

In the future, single sign-on will be integrated into all new ZPID services. The new submission assistant for PsychArchives, which enables researchers to upload their own data to PsychArchives, is the first step.

Roland Ramthun: "In the coming months, we are planning a significant functional expansion of the PsychArchives Submission Assistant, but also of the other research cycle-oriented services. The single sign-on will help us to make them even more user friendly."

The PsychArchives Submission Assistant can be used from now on.

Contact Person

Roland Ramthun
Head of Archiving and Publication Services Services

+49 (0)651 201-2861