Lüneburg: W2/W3-Professur

Universität: W2/W3-Professur Marketing and Psychology

The Faculty of Business and Economics at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg is inviting applications for the following full professorship as an early appointment within the framework of the Programm for Women Professors III ("Professorinnenprogramm III"):

Marketing and Psychology (W2 or W3)

You actively contribute to the Faculty of Business and Economics by research in the area of marketing that is informed by psychological research and theorizing. Specifically, you address – in research and teaching – the fascinating interface of management and psychology. You examine entrepreneurial consequences of marketing and/or underlying processes from social-, economic-, consumer-, and/or advertisement psychology. For instance, you investigate pricing and brand perception, consumer decision-making, advertisement effectiveness, the psychological impact of money and pay, societal marketing, affective and emotional reactions, sales promotion, embodiment processes, social psychological foundations of marketing, digital strategies, and their respective underlying psychological processes. You have an inter- and transdisciplinary research outlook and work on empirically-oriented and theoretically-driven research projects.

The candidate should be well-networked both nationally and internationally and help shape the discourse beyond traditional academic disciplines and boundaries. Applicants are expected to be involved at a high level in national and international scientific discussions, conference participations, and important, high-quality publications of empirical studies in top-tier journals. An active involvement in the open science movement (e.g., preregistering hypotheses, sharing data, experimental materials, analysis scripts, etc.) is highly welcome. You are also willing to contribute actively in further developing and strengthening international collaborations in research and teaching of the Faculty of Business and Economics with international partners and you show interest and expertise in interdisciplinary collaboration both within as well as with stakeholders outside of academia.

Applicants should relish in providing dynamic academic leadership in the development of research and teaching and should show initiative and achievements in securing external research funding and partnerships. You are experienced in joint research projects and collaborations. You develop research perspectives and are prepared to engage in research relevant to third-party funding in the context of the Faculty of Business and Economics (salary grade W2) or you already have proven experience in acquiring third-party funding from renown funding institutions (salary grade W3) for projects that are unique in your field. Candidates are invited to demonstrate how they have engaged in (or plan to promote) open and replicable science (e.g., preregistrations, replications, open data, materials, analysis scripts, etc.).

In your teaching, you will feature important and original concepts through innovative teaching methods and will take an important role in shaping our interdisciplinary Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral programs in business administration, management and psychology. You share the idea of the University as an educational community and make use of the many opportunities for research cooperation within the Faculty of Business and Economics and the entire University. You have sophisticated teaching skills – ideally reflected in teaching evaluations or potentially teaching awards, you can document relevant teaching experience for this position, and can verify your ability to deliver lectures in English at a high quality. In order to participate in campus life, you are ready and willing to learn German within an appropriate period of time.

The employment requirements are governed by § 25 of the Universities Act of Lower Saxony (Niedersächsisches Hochschulgesetz, NHG) and include:

  • a successfully completed university degree in business administration, psychology or related fields;
  • a special ability to engage in independent scholarly work, as demonstrated by having received an above-average grade for your doctoral degree;
  • additional academic achievements, usually achieved in the course of being an assistant professor, your postdoctoral qualification (habilitation) or other achievements recognized as being equivalent to a postdoctoral qualification (e.g., a respective publication record);
  • a pedagogical-didactic aptitude as demonstrated through experience and the use of innovative teaching methods.

This position is remunerated according to salary grade W2 or W3. For first time appointments, the position can, in principle, be limited initially to five years. For applicants who already have a university appointment at the W2 or W3 level, an immediate lifetime appointment is possible. In individual cases this may apply to first-time appointments as well.

The professorship is advertised within the framework of the Program for Women Professors III of the Federal Government and the Federal States ("Professorinnenprogramm III") and is therefore aimed at qualified women who do not yet have a tenured professorship. Also, qualified applicants with a disability will be given priority in accordance with the applicable statutory provisions.

For further information, please contact the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, Prof. Dr. Peter Niemeyer (dekanat.wirtschaft@leuphana.de).

Please submit your application consisting of the following materials in two separate PDF files: a) cover letter, CV, copies of academic degrees, and b) three relevant publications/research reports.

Applications should be sent preferably by email to beko@leuphana.de or to the

President of Leuphana University of Lüneburg
Post Box 2440
Lüneburg D-21314

by February 17, 2019.

Further information about the position can be found here: https://www.leuphana.de/fileadmin/user_upload/newspool/stellenausschreibungen/files/Profile-Marketing_and_Psychology.pdf

Die Ausschreibung ist auch im Internet unter https://www.leuphana.de/en/current-affairs/open-positions/professorial-positions/open-positions-and-current-appointment-procedures/eng-ansicht-professuren/date/2018/12/19/full-professur-w2w3-marketing-and-psychology.html abrufbar.

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