Lüneburg: W2/W3-Professur

Universität: W2/W3-Professur Sozialpädagogik mit Schwerpunkt Vergleichende Jugendhilfeforschung

Full Professor (W2/W3) "Social Pedagogy specialized in Comparative Youth Welfare Services Research"

2019-07-18 The Faculty of Education at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg is inviting applications for the following full professorship:

Social Pedagogy specialized in Comparative Youth Welfare Services Research (W2/3)

You explore youth welfare services and/?or youth from a genuinely social-scientific perspective that is compatible with international academic debates and is empirically and theoretically well-reflected. If your main area of expertise is the field of youth studies, you possess very good knowledge and have taught on the institutional field of child and youth welfare services, preferably from an internationally comparative perspective.

It is your aim to develop research that is decidedly comparative in international terms. You have initiated and conducted research projects, ideally funded through well-established research funding organizations (DFG, etc.). It is your special concern to get postgraduate students involved into your own research. You take it for granted to be committed to collaborative research with national and international partners.

For this position, we are seeking a committed researcher with an outstanding international research profile in combination with a track record of unique ideas put into action, impacting their field as well as society. Qualified women are especially invited to apply.

Your academic work gives evidence of innovative contributions to teaching and research, your talent for cooperating with partners inside and outside academia and your strong commitment to interdisciplinary dialogue.

Formal requirements are a university degree in social pedagogy, educational science, sociology, social work, political sciences or another discipline clearly relevant to the open position; your aptitude for teaching; and your ability to engage in independent academic research as demonstrated by the outstanding quality of your dissertation, and additional academic achievements obtained i.e. in the course of being an assistant professor, during your postdoctoral lecture qualification (German: Habilitation) or other achievements recognized as being equivalent to a postdoctoral qualification.

At Leuphana you will find an academic community that is open to changes in perspective and cultivates the dialogue among the different disciplines as well as between research and practice. With spirit and initiative, we address the challenges of civil society in the 21st century. Pursuing our idea of liberal education, our students are enabled to think, question and act upon it. Our professors foster the awareness of gender and diversity aspects in teaching as well as research.

For further information, please contact the dean of the faculty, Prof. Dr. Dominik Leiss (dominik.leiss(at)leuphana.de) head of the Institute of Social Work and Social Pedagogy, Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandermann (philipp.sandermann(at)leuphana.de).

Leuphana University is an equal opportunities employer.

Please submit your application consisting of the following materials in two separate PDF files: a) motivation letter, CV, copies of academic degrees and b) three relevant publications.

Applications should be sent preferably by email to beko(at)leuphana.de or to the

President of Leuphana University of Lüneburg
Post Box 2440
Lüneburg D-21314

by September 15, 2019. Please be aware that we cannot return application documents sent physically.

Please find the call and additional information for download here: https://www.leuphana.de/fileadmin/user_upload/newspool/stellenausschreibungen/files/Call_SocPedagogy_Comp_Child_Welfare_Services_Research_20190718.pdf.

Die Ausschreibung ist auch im Internet unter https://www.leuphana.de/en/current-affairs/open-positions/professorial-positions/open-positions-and-current-appointment-procedures/eng-ansicht-professuren/date/2019/07/18/full-professor-w2w3-social-pedagogy-specialized-in-comparative-youth-welfare-services-research.html abrufbar.

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